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  1) MAIL


             Type mail to see if you have any mail. If you have any mail hit enter a lot and all your messages will be displayed.


Type mail -s "juice" oceania@oceania.org<juice.msg to send the message juice.msg with the subject juice to oceania@oceania.org.


> mail -s "juice" oceania@oceania.org
> juice is good
> .

to send the message juice is good with the subject juice to oceania@oceania.org.


> mail oceania@oceania.org
> juice is good
> .

to send the message juice is good with no subject to juice@oceania.org

2) Pine

Type pine to enter a more advanced mail program.

Type L to select Folder List and then inbox to see what messages that you have received.

The rest of this program is quite easy to use. Why use mail instead? Mail has the advantage that it is easy to send files that you composed off line plus it is easy to read many files at once into a log file that you then read off line.


Eudora connects to the mail server over the Winsock. Mail may be composed and read offline, but make sure that Winsock is running before attempting to send or receive mail.

After Eudora has been installed, it must be configured to point to the Colossus mail server. To do this, start Eudora and select "Special" from the menu bar. Then select "Settings". Most of the options are self explanatory.

Leave the entries for SMTP, PH, and Finger blank.

Fill in userid@company.com for your POP account (with userid replaced with your userid and company.com replaced with your domain name).

Under advanced network features, select 90 seconds for your network timeout.

The option save password should be checked.

The authentication style should be password option.

Under connection method, do not check the offline option.

If you have multiple POP accounts, you can install a separate copy of Eudora for each one.

Eudora "Light" is freeware offered by Quallcomm and can be downloaded over the net or can be obtained by purchasing computer magazines such as Chip* or Pcquest* from news stands. . Eudora "Pro" must be purchased. Search for Eudora under Yahoo for details on how to obtain a copy.

* these magazine provides  trial period software under their licenses (inside cd)


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