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What is this error: HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed



What is this error: HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed?


This error is usually caused by a bad global.asa file. If you see this error on your site, please look at your global.asa file.

If your global.asa file contains no code, delete it. If it has code, please go here: http://www.learnasp.com/learn/globalproblems.asp, and follow the instructions for properly using a global.asa file.

Until your global.asa file is modified, we will not be able to keep your site running. So, if you get this error, check your global.asa file, modify it as needed, and then contact us via support@indiaaccess.com so we can get your site back up.

If you do not have a global.asa file and see this error, please contact us via support@indiaaccess.com.


hostonjava 09-12-2021 19:30:20