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How do I recalculate my links in FrontPage?



How do I recalculate my links in FrontPage?


Recalculating the links for your site is the general fix-all for many FrontPage errors. Always recalculate links every time after you make any changes to your site. Follow these directions to recalculate the links for your site:

1. Open FrontPage Explorer.
2. Open your domain by going to www.mydomain.com, not by opening your local version.
3. Enter your username and password.
4. Click OK (this should open your site on our server).
5. Click on the "Tools" menu.
6. Select "Recalculate Links."

Remember, if you keep a local copy of your web, the next time you open your site to open it from your there, not from www.mydomain.com.


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