Dedicated Server FAQ


What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a web server, related software, and connection to the Internet, housed in the hosting company's data center. A dedicated server is usually needed for a website that may develop a considerable amount of traffic. The dedicated server can be configured and operated remotely by the customer.

Why should I use a dedicated server?

Cost. In terms of cost, there are many savings over maintaining your own server on your own premises. You will save on the router, Internet connection, security system, and network administration costs. Other benefits of dedicated servers include performance, security, and increased control over your server compared to shared hosting.

How do I know if I need a dedicated server?

A business owner that has any of the following needs will benefit from a dedicated server:

  • Installing or running applications that require system administrator access
  • Hosting resellers that offer their customers shared web hosting as a value-added feature of their own services
  • Multiple IP addresses
  • A back-up server
  • More than 1 gigabyte of data transfer per day
  • More than 250MB of storage

Can I customize a dedicated server?

Yes. We have already setup some pre-configured servers, but if they do not suit your needs, then you may contact us for more information.

What happens when there is a hardware failure?

On dedicated servers, all hardware and components are protected under our service policy, under which we will replace any hardware piece that fails.

How are you connected to the Internet?

Indiaaccess's data center is connected to the Internet through two T3s, from VSNL and RPG. In addition to redundant Internet connections, the data center is served by OC-3s telephone interfaces from big telecom players.

Finally, redundancy of the Internet connections is increased by the fact that Indiaaccess's T3s each come into its data center from two different directions from two different streets. Thus, if one city street is torn-up for construction and a line accidentally severed, your will not be cut off from the Internet.

What happens if I go over our traffic allowance?

 Each dedicated server is given 5GB of data transfer/month. Should you exceed this amount, a sliding scale will operate to    charge you for  Rs.1,000(US $ 20) (per extra G. B./per month)

What type of support can I expect on a Dedicated Server?

We monitor the machines 24/7 to make sure your machine stays up and running. Any system operation questions may         be directed to support. Individual domain support for your customers such as cgi problems and other things that may arise will be your responsibilty.

What if I need additional IP addresses?

    Indiaaccess provides extra IP addresses according to the following pricing:

1 extra IP   Rs.1,500(US $ 30),  No set-up charges