Co-location FAQ

What is co-location?

Co-location is when you locate your server within our data centers to take advantage of our secure, climate controlled          environment and high speed, redundant network. You are essentially purchasing bandwidth for your servers at a much        lower  rate than buying your own fiber lines and manage your server remotely.

What are the pros and cons of co-location?

    Pros of Co-location:

a. Cost savings: No telephone charges for Leased Line services, which results in saving of hundreds to thousands of dollars  per month.

b. Higher Reliability: It is a known fact in the Internet Access business that the number one cause of downtime is associated with failing telco based leased lines. Co-location servers have a direct and short connection to the backbone router, yielding close to 100% uptime. Power outages still contribute a large percentage of downtimes for internet companies. However, with indiaaccess's Co-location services, you are on a double power grid with double local transformers that has not experienced a power outage since 1962.

c. Faster Network Connectivity: Co-location servers will have a direct ethernet running at 10Mbps or 100Mbps connections, these machines are not limited by slow telco based circuits running at ISDN or T-1 speeds. Ethernet based connections also have a much lower latency than leased lines which results in a faster response time for latency sensitive applications such as telnet.

d. Redundant Carriers and telco services: indiaaccess uses T3s from VSNL and RPG Telecom. indiaaccess's telco services are also redundant with two separate sonet nodes from the Rochester ILEC and TimeWarner Telecom. In short, even if you have your own T1, if you have an outage you are out of luck.

Cons of Co-location:

a. Machine Manageability: The only disadvantage with Co-location is that the server is not located close to the client's operation. That means remote management for the machine becomes an issue. However with various software packages and remote rebooters for computers remote maintenance is no longer a pain.

Does indiaaccess provide software or hardware for the customer?

No. The nature of co-location is that the customer physically places its own equipment into indiaaccess's space and on indiaaccess's network. If a Customer would like the latest equipment or software and does not want to invest the money or time to obtain their own server, indiaaccess offers a separate service called "Dedicated Servers" that enables a Customer to lease a indiaaccess server and have indiaaccess take care of all matters of purchasing, installing, and, most importantly, administering the server.

See our dedicated hosting page for more info.

How much does it cost?

indiaaccess's co-location service costs $300/mo for standard telephone-sized half rack and $500/mo for a full rack. Set-up fees in both cases are $250. You may place as many servers in the space as might fit without additional charge.

What is included for that price?

Each customer is provided with one shelf, one switched ethernet connection, and 120 vac power connection.

24x7 monitoring of mail, website, and FTP services on Customer's machine with a alpha-pager notification that immediately notifies indiaaccess's tech team when a problem arises. In many cases, indiaaccess will be aware of the problem and commence working on it before youare aware of the problem.

Each customer receives 10GB of data transfer per month. indiaaccess will not cap your usage unless YOU ask us to install the cap. Additional usage is subject to a sliding scale Excess Bandwidth Charges, or, in the alternative, the customer can cap its own usage at a committed data rate per month.

For customers who believe they may require in excess of 5 GB of bandwidth per month, Indiaaccess has a sliding scale for Rs.1,000(US $ 20) (per extra G. B./per month)

Additional facilities (build outs for power, hardware, cages, etc.) are not included but will be quoted to the Customer and provided as needed.

Can I use my desktop server?

Yes. Unlike many co-location companies who accept only rack mountable servers, indiaaccess will permit you to use a desktop server at no additional cost.

What additional equipment do I need?

Other than the actual server, you will need to provide your own UPS.

How will my server be connected to the Internet?

Every server is connected to the Internet through a 200MB full-duplex switch on our port.

How are you connected to the Internet?

indiaaccess's data center is connected to the Internet through two T3s, Verio and Time Warner Telecom. In addition to redundant Internet connections, the data center is served by OC-3s telephone interfaces from two different phone companies: Frontier/Citizens the local ILEC and TimeWarner Telecom, a CLEC.

Finally, redundancy of the Internet connections is increased by the fact that indiaaccess's T3s each come into its data center from two different directions from two different streets. Thus, if one city street is torn-up for construction and a line accidentally severed, your will not be cut off from the Internet.

Is your facility climate controlled and protected against power outages?

indiaaccess's data center is climate controlled through a Liebert Environmental Control Unit. For short-term power outages, indiaaccess requires each customer to accompany its server with its own UPS. For major power outages, indiaaccess does not have a diesel generator but rather relies on the electrical grid in the inner loop of Rochester, NY. Downtown Rochester has not had an outage since 1962 due to two separate power grids with each downtown location served by two separate transformers. Even the city's own ILEC does not have a back-up diesel generator for its data center.

How much bandwidth do I receive with my co-location service?

indiaaccess gives each of its collocation customers 5GB of data transfer per month. Unlike many co-location companies, we will not cap your bandwidth usage. Customers have the choice of capping themselves through a committed data rate for each month or allowing nearly unlimited burstability according to indiaaccess's Excess Bandwidth Charges. These excess charges are on a sliding scale with the greater the bandwidth usage resulting in a lower per unit charge.

For customers who believe they may require in excess of 5 GB of bandwidth per month, Indiaaccess has a sliding scale for Rs.1,000(US $ 20) (per extra G. B./per month)

How is my bandwidth measured?

The bandwidth is measured at the port on the switch that your server is connected to. Indiaaccess will give you a URL that you can go to so that you can see how much bandwidth your are consuming.

What if I need additional IP addresses?

indiaaccess provides extra IP addresses according to the following pricing:

     per extra IP         Rs. 1,500/-($US 30),  $no set-up

How many email accounts can I have?

As many as you can put on to your server.

Will indiaaccess manage my servers?

Yes, indiaaccess will provide co-location plus systems administration for unix boxes for $1,000/month. The fee for NT/Win 2000 is $1,200/month.

A cheaper solution is to have indiaaccess manage its own servers dedicated to your exclusive use. Such pricing is $700/month for unix and $900/mo for NT/Win 2000. The pricing includes both the administration and the cost of leasing a server. See our dedicated hosting page for details.

What services are included in indiaaccess's systems administration service?


Hardware: installation of any server-related hardware purchased by Customer and delivered to indiaaccess's premises at Customer's expense.

Back-Up Tapes: NV will provide back-up tape rotation services free of charge so long as Customer provides the tape drive and tapes at Customer's expense.

Does indiaaccess provide a firewall or other security advice or program for my server?

No. It is the Customer's responsibility to secure its own servers. Indiaaccess does, however, sell its own security services and can install a firewall on to your network.

Must I sign a long-term contract?

indiaaccess's contracts are for a one year term, but allow for an "early escape" provision in the first sixty (60) days of the contract if you are unsatisfied with indiaaccess for any reason.

What about technical support?

    indiaaccess monitors your server via alpha pager 24x7. Our phone support is available Monday thru Saturday, 10 A.M. to  8 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Email support is available 24x7 at

See indiaaccess's contact page for all contact options.

How do I obtain physical access to my server?

A customer may visit its server anytime during regular business hours (9:00am - 6:00pm EST), though we ask as a courtesy for advanced notice so that we might have the proper technical support personnel available. A customer may also schedule off-hours visits to the data center (our building is locked in evenings and weekends), but will be subject to dispatch escort and labor charges that vary depending on the day and length of time.