HostonNT  Dedicated Server Web Hosting

A dedicated server is a very powerful and cost effective way of putting your busy or complex website on the Internet. Indiaaccess provides its customers with a mid-range server  along with a helpful support . Businesses meeting any of the below characteristics can greatly benefit from having their own dedicated server:

Indiaaccess's Dedicated Web Hosting services are designed for businesses with specialized needs. Some businesses need large amounts of bandwidth to the Internet to accommodate the popularity of their website. Other businesses are very sensitive to security issues due to ongoing web commerce applications, and want the absolute security that owning their own server affords them.

Why Use A Dedicated Server?

Performance. You can better support the speed and reliability of websites with large traffic volumes. Your website performance won't be affected by other websites' sudden traffic surge. Most virtual web servers and virtual host websites share servers with other websites. Some providers put hundreds of websites on one server.

Security. Your website will be more secure. Only you and Indiaaccess staff can access your dedicated server. Your site won't be down because someone else is running a flawed or buggy CGI program on his website.

Increased Control. When on their own machine, customers can tweak the server however they like. Customers are not limited by the restrictive rules of processor and bandwidth sharing inherent to shared hosting solutions.

Convenience and Cost. A customer need not spend hours researching hardware pricing, loading software, and configuring the server.

Support. Sleep easier at night knowing Indiaaccess monitors your dedicated server 24x7 and has a support program to make your job easier.

Please see our dedicated server FAQ if you have any questions.


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