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Affiliate / Reseller  information


Affiliates / Resellers get 50% discount on all our Hosting plan

Resellers are welcome and we guarantee either anonymity or on-line marketing assistance (whichever is preferred).  Our Business Affiliate Partnership with various ICANN Accredited Registrars, ensures your domain registration or modification is handled promptly and efficiently.

Discounts You get 50 % discount on our regular pricing if you sign-up minimum of 5 accounts in a given month

You get 30 % discount on our regular pricing if you sign-up minimum of 3-4 accounts in a given month 

You get 20 % discount on our regular pricing if you sign-up minimum of 2 accounts in a given month 

How To Get Started  To start you can just sign-up and charge your clients any price send us 50% of our end-user's displayed rates on website 
to activate the Account.(Domain Name Registration at discounted price of Rs. 450/-)

In a month's period if you have activated 5 accounts you do not have to pay us anything except what you have already paid us.

If you have activated 3-4 accounts you will have to pay us 20% more of our end-user's displayed rates.

If you have activated 1-2 accounts you will have to pay us 30% more of our end-user's displayed rates.

Who are Eligible Web Designers, Web Consultants, infact anybody can become our Affiliate/ Reseller.
As long as you sign-up for more than 1 Account.
Additional Discounts * Pay for 2 years get 30% discount, on 2nd year.
No Setup Charges Your Accounts will be activated in 3 Hrs.
Nameservers You can order for your own customised nameservers of the kind :
ns.yourcompany.com  ns2.yourcompany.com

This offers your company a chance to brand your services, and complete anonymity.

Rs. 5000/- annually

Domain Name Registration Domain name can be registered at Discounted price of Rs. 450/- per year, you will have complete login-password control over the domain name(s) registered by you.

web hosting

Finally, even if you are mailing in your cheque, you may send us your setup information via e-mail and get started now. We trust you!



Email: sales@hostonjava.com
Telephone: 91-22-8130029 / 8128771 / 8100608
Fax: 91-22-8128771
Messenger : Messenger - Yahoo, MSN - ID : hostonjava
Address: 3-A / 41, HighLand CHS, Narendra Park, Naya Nagar, Mira Road (E), Thane-401107, MH, India

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